Why We Exist

The Global Outlook on Health

The global outlook on health is not a positive one. Tidal waves of epidemics of infectious and lifestyle diseases are destroying the lives of millions. More than this the current systems of health care manage to focus on patching tires rather than preventing flats. We need programs designed to educate the masses on the simple things they can do to reduce their risk of a variety of diseases, infectious or noncommunicable. We need health care workers that can run these programs, and offer specialized care to each attendee. We need institutions organized and run with the single purpose improving the total health of everyone within the sphere of it’s influence.

It’s clear.

The world needs Medical missionary work.

But we are not talking about merely reaching the physical necessities of mankind. We mean to work as Jesus worked in the total restoration of man; body, mind,and soul. “To reach the people, wherever they are, and whatever their position or condition, and to help them in every way possible—this is true ministry.” Ministry of Healing p. 156  Working first to reach felt needs then moving to mankind’s greatest unfelt need, Jesus Christ.

God’s Call for us

The call of God comes down to us: “We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work.”  Testimonies to the Church Vol. 7, p. 62. Now is the best time. Not merely the doctors or nurses but every member. This includes every lay person of our denomination.

How can they all be trained? What can be done to reach the hearts of our world’s teeming billions?

This is why we exist. To equip the chosen to answer the call.

“Arise shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Isaiah 60:1