Jesus With Thy Church Abide

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When I was a little child, my parents were Hindu. My mother suffered from many health problems. When she could find no help from the gods she knew, a nearby Christian was called to come and to pray for her. God heard their prayers and she slowly got better. She continued in an active Christian life, but she did not know the full truth.
One of my cousins was living in India. During his time there, he learned about the truth through the Seventh-day Adventist church. Then, he returned back to the village. There was something different about him. He would always go to church on Sabbath, but we went on Sunday. His church was an hour or so hike away. Our church was nearby. I was curious about their services and I went to visit. It was different and very calm and the sermons were good. They would share about the Sabbath. So, all these things made my family want to try something different without knowing the principles of the church. My parents decided to become members of my cousin’s church. As we attended the church services, we learned many things which we never had learned before. We had many opportunities to make new friends and learn from them.

Since then, my mother wanted to start a church in our village. We had donated land for the church, but for some reason, it was never started. With the same vision that my mother had, I started to work to accomplish that goal. I made some contacts with some Bible Workers who were available at that time. They did a good work of sharing Jesus in the community, but because we did not have a church there, the people joined whatever local Christian church was nearby.

So when the Lord called me to move my family to another area, He gave me a burden to help the nearby Adventist churches that we had helped to establish. My family and I would go help and teach in the churches. My sister had run off and married a Hindu when she was a teenager. My mother would always pray for her night and day. I prayed for my brother-in-law and was kind and friendly with him. God answered my prayer by putting them in a financial crisis. So when they finally asked for help, I invited them to help in my fields. I moved to the area after a short while. We would have morning and evening worship, and since they were staying with us, I invited them to join. I provided food and shelter for them. They started to show interest in the worship and one day asked for a Bible and a song book. The pastor provided those resources for them. After some time, they accepted the Lord and started to regularly come to church. It is incredible to see what God has done in my brother-in-law and how He has transformed a drunk and a smoker to a clean, honest man, who cares for his family and loves God. Now, he has shown interested in being baptized.

My children are little and it is hard to go up the mountain to the other churches and my parents are getting old and cannot go up the mountain any more either. My sister and her family are new Christians and eager to learn God’s ways. So, a need has risen to begin a church in our village. We have donated some land to build a church. We have started work in the community to win them to the Lord by meeting a felt need. We have even started an English class! When I started, I thought maybe 10 students might come, but on the day for them to register 40 showed up. This increased to 65 and has now leveled out to 45 or so regularly. They are learning English and Christian English songs. Their parents are very happy for their children to be learning English. We pray that many of these children may see a loving Savior who has died for their sins. Many are interested in joining us, but for different reasons have not made the full commitment.

“And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths”
Isaiah 2:3.

So we have a desire to build a small church in my village with a couple of rooms in the back to teach the community different skills. This includes English and tailoring. We also would like to have a treatment room to help the sick of the village. (Those who would like to help get this church built, please mark your gift: Nepal Project, Mountain Church)

(Some of you may have read of how God saved Joseph in his childhood and youth. One night, he and his brother and friend were sleeping outside and heard a blast go off in his neighbor’s house and they saved him and his family from the fire. Unfortunately, as a result, they were thrown in prison. However, by God’s mercies and the neighbors’ and pastor’s help, they were set free. And another time when the gorillas were fighting in the surrounding villages, God delivered Joseph when his name got on the army’s list of local gorillas. The other two men were shot that very day.

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