Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep

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A Chilean Psychologist, named Paulina, recently had an amazing experience at one of our affiliate schools. At Los Aromos Wellness Center, individuals are trained in health evangelism so that they can spread their new-found knowledge everywhere they go.

Paulina attended the 1-month course right before she finished her degree. Throughout her experience, she noticed how the devil continuously aims to destroy the lives of both children and adults by attacking families. God wants us to have eternal life. This is why Paulina made the decision to follow God and live the life He wanted her to live. By striving each day to do His will, she was encouraged knowing that this was the way God was leading her. Some time passed, and Paulina heard about Los Aromos and the work that they do there. Their teachings and values were clearly what she had been searching for. She saw the lifestyle habits, the principles of health, the laws of nature and how God created everything with balance and order.
When we place ourselves in His hands, to us, things may seem like chaos. However, we must remember that God knows our lives from the beginning to the end.
Paulina was in need of order in her life, and she knew that the Lord was willing to offer that to her and so much more!

While attending Los Aromos, she saw students and staff who were committed to finishing the work in this generation. Paulina cherished the precious moments she spent at this establishment. While living, and mingling with the people there, she learned to tolerate others, regardless of their various customs and habits. According to her, everyone is focused on ONE goal: preaching the gospel with all the tools the Lord has given His children, including the Spirit of Prophecy.

“He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.”
John 21:17.

Paulina noticed that the principles of health and the 8 natural remedies are great ways to lead mankind back to the feet of Jesus. In a finite way, this is how mankind can reach what our first parents experienced in Eden. This cherished truth is what prompted Paulina to ultimately have a desire to become a missionary. Jesus told Peter to “feed His sheep”. Not with our own lives, but with the life of Christ. Now, she feeds the sheep by singing and speaking of our Savior’s soon return.Paulina’s desire is to see people from other places and nationalities to accept the truth. In one way or another, the Lord moves our hearts and thoughts so that we can see His hand in our lives. This special time of growth and development has given Paulina lessons in strength, temperance and discipline.

Spirit of Prophecy talks about the connections between temperance, natural remedies, and self-control. Paulina was fortified with these truths and started working at the La Serena Adventist Academy. It was a marvelous experience. She knew the Lord was preparing her for something. This was in 2016. Now, Paulina is residing in Brazil as a missionary. She knows this is where the Lord wants her. When you let God lead your life, you will experience tremendous blessings. Many young people are rising up in these last days to fulfill the work God has for them. Paulina wants to encourage all, especially the young, to not give up! Even if you have sinned, you can obtain mercy and grace at our Father’s throne. You can do a great work for humanity and leave an imprint of Christ’s character wherever you go. May God bless you abundantly, now and forever.

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