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North America

The North American region is known for many things worldwide, but to Seventh-day Adventists it holds a special importance.This was the region in which the Adventist church was born. It was here that the Adventist message took its roots and developed into a global body of believers.

Recent statistics show that in the United States the church is growing at a faster rate than any other denomination. But another statistic shows that secularism is on the rise throughout North America. More people are not attending any religious services and less are likely to call themselves Christians. More than ever people are feeling out of touch with formal church services and programs. They want something more authentic.

They are looking for a real experience with Jesus.

Ellen White says, “Medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering. It is the gospel practiced the compassion of Christ revealed.”

Let’s take a look at how health evangelism is bringing many to the fold of Christ throughout North America.

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