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East Europe

Eastern Europe is territorially Europe’s largest region.

The majority of Europeans are Christian, of which nearly half are Catholic. The second-largest religion in Europe is Islam, followed by Judaism. Europe also has the largest number and proportion of irreligious, agnostic and atheistic people in the Western world.

A relatively small group of health conditions are responsible for a large part of the disease burden in Eastern Europe. Of the six WHO regions, the European Region is the most affected by noncommunicable diseases, and their growth is startling. The impact of the major noncommunicable diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and mental disorders) is equally alarming. Taken together, these five conditions account for an estimated 86% of the deaths and 77% of the disease burden in the Region.

“The world must have an antidote for sin. As the medical missionary works intelligently to relieve suffering and save life, hearts are softened. Those who are helped are filled with gratitude. As the medical missionary works upon the body, God works upon the heart.” A Call to Medical Evangelism p.12

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