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West Europe

Western Europe was the location of the start of one of the most powerful movements in human history – a movement known as the protestant reformation. This movement originated from a common desire to change the status quo, to part with traditions and customs that interposed themselves between the worshiper and his God. Europe needed a reformation. And Europe needs a reformation now.

This European Region has the highest overall smoking rate, the highest per capita consumption of alcohol, the highest proportion of dietary energy intake from fat, the highest rate of raised cholesterol, and the second highest rate of overweight and obesity. This region needs a health reformation. There has also been a drastic spiritual decline since  Europe has become a bulwark for skepticism. This region needs a spiritual reformation.

“As a means of overcoming prejudice and gaining access to minds, medical missionary work must be done, not in one or two places only, but in many places where the truth has not yet been proclaimed. We are to work as gospel medical missionaries, to heal the sin-sick souls by giving them the message of salvation. This work will break down prejudice as nothing else can.”—Testimonies for the Church 9 p. 211

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