Our Staff

James Hartley

Position: President

James was raised a Roman Catholic and re-introduced to Jesus through an Adventist family running an organic farm in Italy. After receiving missionary training at Wildwood, he served as Wildwood’s director of education for 7 years before going full-time to help develop LIGHT ministry. James was married to Danielle in 2010, who now serves with him in full-time ministry.

Charles Cleveland

Position: Chairman of the Board

Pastor Cleveland M.Div. M.P.H, was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1975 by the Michigan Conference. Through a providence of the Lord in 1975 he shifted his service from denominational employment to supporting ministries where he has served as an administrator of Uchee Pines Health Institute and later Vice President of Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital in Georgia. From 2003-2006 he served as Vice President of OCI (Outpost Centers International) and is currently President of Health Education Resources, a non-profit organization that produces health education materials that are used all over the world. Pastor Cleveland has traveled extensively the past 20 years assisting in the establishment of lifestyle centers particularly in Europe and whose guiding influence and counsel has helped develop what LIGHT is today.

Rodney Bowes

Position: Africa and North Asia Divisional Director

Rodney and his wife, Julie, met while attending Weimar in 2001.  They attended both Weimar College and AFCOE together and then went to Union College in Nebraska where Rodney studied religion and evangelism with a missions emphasis.   Shortly after they were asked to move to Northwest Arkansas where Rodney was the bi-vocational pastor for the Decatur Seventh-day Adventist church and both he and Julie worked with Wellness Secrets (a wellness center connected with the church).  From 2005 to 2010 they worked at Wildwood and LIGHT and traveled throughout Africa and South Asia helping to encourage medical missionary work.

In 2010 they moved to California to continue ministry with LIGHT.  Rodney is currently the divisional director for Africa and North Asia.

Linda Horner

Position: South America Divisional Director

Linda Horner: Has a deep interest in health and disease prevention, young people, and missions. She spent a little over six years in Africa as a missionary—as an elementary teacher and health educator. After returning to the US, she underwent training at Uchee Pines Institute, and later served as their Patient Care Coordinator and Educational Director for five years. She has her RN and BSN in nursing, and worked in various nursing capacities as well as teaching at two small Christian colleges. Currently working with LIGHT as our Divisional Director for South America, as well as helping to further develop materials for use in Health Promotion activities around the world.

Serghei Costash

Position: Middle East, North Africa, and Europe Divisional Director

Serghei Costash is a third generation Seventh-Day Adventist.  In 2004 he received training at our Medical Missionary School in Moldova. Following his training, Serghei spent the next eight years working at the school, first as Assistant Director and second as Director. He has a vast amount of experience in the mission field including the last three years while helping the Ethiopian Union Mission organising evangelistic campaigns and medical trainings for pastors and lay members. Serghei then received a call to work full-time with LIGHT at the end of 2012.

Alain Bautista and Family

Position: Southeast Asia Regional Director

Alain and Irene dedicated themselves to full-time service for God in 2004 while working in Loma Linda, California. This decision led them and their two boys to Wildwood’s College of Health Evangelism to gain a medical missionary training. After finishing both the six-month and Advanced Health Evangelism courses God called them to return to Alain’s original home in the Philippines to help begin the first six-month LIGHT school in SE Asia. After developing this model outpost project in northern Luzon, Philippines, Alain is now working to advance the work of LIGHT throughout SE Asia.

Daniel Djami and Family

Position: Indonesia Coordinator

Daniel and Rosauli Djami first got involved in this work when they stepped out in faith by selling their home in Loma Linda and moving to the hills of Georgia & Wildwood Lifestyle Center. After taking both the six-month Health Evangelism course followed by an Advanced course they stayed on as staff for several years. Through this time they made several missionary journey’s to Indonesia teaching short LIGHT courses. As a result of those efforts a school has been born through the combined efforts of the Healing Way Indonesia ministry and LIGHT. Daniel and his family currently spend nine months each year in Indonesia helping to develop that program and searching where else LIGHT may spread.

Joshua Subhash

Position: India Coordinator

Joshua was originally born into a Hindu family in India. As he later had the privilege to come to know the true God of the bible, he became converted to Christianity. He grew an increasing passion to spread the gospel across India and reach its people there. God had opened a way for Joshua to go to Wildwood back in 2007. Upon completion of the the medical missionary and advanced course, he returned to India to become the managing director at AG Hospital and Lifestyle Center. In that time he has also become the Director for LIGHT in the countries of India, Nepal, and Bhutan. This has opened the doors for his vision for the gospel to be taken into these places so that it will be shared unto all the people who God is leading towards. He is working towards building a center of influence in each state of India to bring people into reaching these goals of bringing people to Christ.

Cynthia Bonas

Position: Caribbean Director

In 2007 Cynthia attended a seminar for health professionals located on the Wildwood Campus. At the end of that seminar, she decided to take the six-month training and dedicate herself to continue working for God. As a Registered Nurse, she has worked as staff nurse and manager for over 30 years, and completed additional training as a naturopathic doctor a few years ago. She has worked in the Lifestyle Program and as a Teacher in Wildwood as well. Very passionate about mission work, she is always ready to accept Christ’s call to “go…teach all nations”. She has travelled to many different countries bringing the good news about God’s methods of health and healing to our churches and continues to do so as our Caribbean Director.

Celly Gomez

Position: Inter-America Regional Director

Celly Gomez comes originally from Panama, but has lived in the US now for many years. She is a Registered Nurse and has extensive nursing experience in Central America and the US. She is also a Naturopathic Doctor. She graduated from, and later served for many years at Uchee Pines Institute at their wellness center as director of patient care.
She is married to Gabriel Gomez. Besides serving as health and temperance director of several SDA churches, lecturing on health on 3ABN Latino and at the NAD health summits, she has done lecturing in many Latino and English churches across the US and internationally in more than 12 countries. Her passion is to share God’s love, and specially through the Health Message. Currently, Celly is our Inter-America Regional Director responsible for Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Cuba & Puerto Rico.

Joanna Kim

Position: Korean Director

Joanna Kim was a student and missionary in South Korea at Achinae Institute and Waldensian Valley Academy for 12 years. She also has a variety of experiences in various departments at other self-supporting institutions such as Cave Springs Home, Chestnut Hill, and Wildwood Lifestyle Center, totaling 30 years of self-supporting missionary experience. She worked in China, Japan, and 5 other countries as a medical missionary. Joanna strongly feels that God will use the Korean people to spread the Everlasting Gospel to Asia and the whole world in a special way. Because of this belief, she wrote a book and produced a DVD named “Natural Healing Talk 58” to help train Korean medical missionaries. Joanna is currently serving as our Korean Director and has the specific task of developing LIGHT’s Korean Online School. Joanna has worked together with 7 ordained pastors and 9 laymen to develop this training in Korean. Her long term goal is to establish a medical missionary training school in South Korea.

Shanniel Fisher

Position: Inter-America Division Director

Shanniel Fisher has a passion for evangelism, missions, young people and health & disease prevention since he was 17 years old. After graduating as a Lifestyle Educator & Counselor from Uchee Pines Health Institute in Alabama, USA; he was asked to serve as Dean, Education Director and Lifestyle Center Administrator for 5 years. He was later called to serve as President of Country Life Health Institute in the Dominican Republic for 4 years. Over the past 10 years, he has been actively involved in Evangelism, Health Education and Youth Seminars in 4 continents and over 25 countries. His deep and passionate desire is to see Health Evangelism Centers all around the world, and an army of youth rightly trained as God’s helping hand. Shanniel currently serve in full-time Ministry as our LIGHT Director for Inter-America Division.

Benjamin Kim

Position: Media Director

Benjamin was born in California, but he considers himself raised in Montana. Homeschooled for all his life and a fourth generation adventist, he moved with his family and served as a foreign missionary in Bolivia for 4 1/2 years where he helped start a Medical Missionary training center called Instituto Quebrada León before moving to work at the main LIGHT Office.

Aniza Moore

Position: Communications Director

From an early age, Aniza has been involved in several church duties and activities, such as: Adventurers, Pathfinders, community service events, VBS, mission trips, church library clerk, praise team, PowerPoint operator, youth representative, and preaching. All of these experiences have shaped her life. In fact, each one of these opportunities, have opened her eyes to the need to serve, as Jesus served. In the summer of 2016, Aniza entered into a new phase of her life. Through the power of prayer and the study of His word, she began to see her life in a brand new way: God’s way! As a result, she has accepted God’s leading completed the health evangelism curriculum at Wildwood College of Health Evangelism in December of 2017. She is currently serving as the communications director at the Lay Institute for Global Health Training, where she writes, edits, and shares the health message with countless individuals around the world. Aniza thanks God for the talents He has given her and prays that He will continue to guide her steps daily, so that she may reflect His character and continue to be a blessing to others.