What We Do


LIGHT offers short courses in medical missionary work at your church, online, or at a LIGHT school nearby. LIGHT courses are designed to train missionaries with the knowledge and practical experience necessary in order to minister to the needs of communities and individuals physically, mentally and spiritually. LIGHT courses come in several packages:

  • Invite LIGHT to your church for a weekend or one-week intensive training
  • Train at home or on-the-go with LIGHT Online
  • Locate a LIGHT school nearby for a six-month or longer course


LIGHT works with church leaders and lay ministries to establish medical missionary training schools. This includes helping to:

  • Find property
  • Recruit experienced LIGHT teachers
  • Provide LIGHT curriculum and teaching materials
  • Promote the school
  • Provide leadership training


LIGHT helps develop vision, curriculum, health ministries, industry and other materials necessary for the operations of a permanent medical missionary center. This includes:

  • Developing and keeping our health classes well-referenced and up to date with cutting edge medical research
  • Translating our LIGHT curriculum into every language our schools are taught in
  • Helping our schools develop lifestyle centers, vegetarian restaurants and other health ministries that will serve as lights to the community and offer outlets of service for graduate students
  • Helping to provide models and resources for developing agriculture and industries at all LIGHT schools to offer a more practical training of missionaries and to help each project become financially self-supporting
  • Providing continuing education for all LIGHT teachers worldwide via the web and personal visits


LIGHT is a growing network of medical missionaries in over 80 countries. This network of communication helps us to:

  • Fill staffing needs at each project we work with
  • Encourage and counsel project leaders and teachers through difficult circumstances
  • Share experiences from our schools as to what’s working and what’s not around the world in medical missionary work
  • Make each project and missionary aware of important prayer requests from the field
  • Have more unity, for in unity there is strength!