Advanced Health Evangelism Online Training

The Advanced Health Evangelism online course is a 450-hour course offered in partnership with Wildwood Center of Health Evangelism, equivalent to their 6-month on-campus course . This course is designed to train lay members with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to minister to the needs of communities and individuals physically, mentally and spiritually.

This course is especially designed for people with busy schedules, seeking to improve their personal health and spiritual life that they may become a brighter light to both home and community.

  • Learn preventive medicine through the principles of health and natural healing

  • Receive step-by-step instruction of our most practical classes in hydrotherapy, massage and vegetarian cooking

  • Learn how to bring health to your community through a variety of outreach methods

  • Learn the specific roles and opportunities of lay members to spread the gospel through various types of health ministries

All classes are recorded in high definition and can be viewed on smart phones and tablets, as well as on your desktop or laptop.


Health Classes
Principles of Health and Healing, Hydrotherapy, Massage, Health Evangelism, Health Talks, Nutrition, Vegetarian Cooking, Common Diseases

Spiritual Classes
Spirit of Prophecy, Daniel, Coming Events, Finishing the Work, Christian Living, Christian Home, Sanctuary, Evangelism and Soul Winning, Knowing God's Will

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Upon completion of all elements within the Essentials of Health Evangelism online course, students will be mailed a certificate of “Health Evangelism” from Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism.

Graduates will be qualified to assist in leading out and organizing the health evangelistic activities of their local churches. They will also be given the opportunity of participating on a LIGHT mission trip.


Advanced Health Evangelism Online (Full Course)

Total Cost $1499*

Health Classes Include: Diseases and Treatment, God's Healing Program, Health Evangelism, Health Talks, Herbs, Hydrotherapy, Lifestyle Physiology, Massage, Mental Health, Ministry of Healing, Mission Medicine, Nutrition, Total Vegetarian Cooking.

Spiritual Classes Include: Christian Home, Christian Living, Daniel, Personal Evangelism, Philosophy of Missionary, Plan of Salvation, Prophetic Guidance, Sanctuary Studies, True Education.

* International Scholarships Available

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Christian Growth $349

Classes Include: Orientation Course, Philosophy of Mission Work, Ministry of Health and Healing, Prophetic Guidance, Sanctuary Studies, Plan of Salvation, Daniel, Last Day Events & Christian Living.

Christian Ministry $249

Classes Include: Orientation Course, Concepts in Health Evangelism, Christian Leadership and Administration, Christian Home, Ministry of Health and Healing, Personal Evangelism, Philosophy of Mission Work, Self-Supporting Work & True Education.

Health Science $599

Classes Include: Orientation Course, Philosophy of Mission Work, Ministry of Health and Healing, Basic Lifestyle Physiology Section 1, Basic Lifestyle Physiology Section 2, Disease and Treatment, Nutrition, Mental Health, Health Talks.

Applied Health $499

Classes Include: ​Orientation Course, Philosophy of Mission Work, Ministry of Health and Healing, Health Expos, Vegetarian Cooking, Massage Theory, Hydrotherapy.

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