Father, Lead Me Day by Day

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* The following story is told from the perspective of a missionary couple serving in Nepal.

Our journey started with a 24-hour flight from Venezuela to Nepal. Since our departure from Venezuela, we could see how God was leading. Thankfully, we landed safely into territory that was unfamiliar to us. We soon realized that our journey had just begun. After being picked up at the airport, we began the long trip of 15 hours to the base of the mountain where we would be teaching. We went by jeep down to the plains and then by bus to the nearest village. We were thrilled to see our new home. We were so excited to finally hear the sweet words, “We have arrived”! Interestingly enough, God had another plan for us. Throughout the day, the rainfall increased which caused the roads to be very muddy. Our jeep, along with other vehicles, got stuck a couple of times. As the night approached, we had to stay in a village nearby with a very kind family. The next day, we decided to continue our journey. We had no idea of what we should to expect. Despite this, we were calm because we knew that God was protecting us.

After approximately 4 1/2 hours, we finally arrived at the Center where we would be teaching. We were happy to meet the team. After we took some time to rest, the rainfall continued. We were in danger of more landslides that could potentially cover the road and would make it difficult to get any supplies to our facility. A decision was made to go back. We started out journey (again) the next day. We were worried because the rainfall did not subside through the night. In fact, it was still raining hard that morning. By the afternoon, the downpour stopped, but the road was dangerous! We found approximately 18 landslides, but that was just a little thing for God to handle. He protected us. After 9 hours of hiking, we FINALLY arrived to our destination where the people received us kindly! Unfortunately, the power was shut off, with no access to water. No one was sure when these problems would be corrected. However, God provided for our needs. The next day, we enjoyed a good time washing our clothes in the river nearby and taking a good bath. What a blessing! Everyone is so nice and friendly. We are honored to be used by God in any capacity. We are happy to have been called to a wonderful region. Nepal is a beautiful country with beautiful views. We are getting accustomed to a completely different culture, custom, cuisine, dress, and language. The language barrier can be challenging, at times. However, much can be expressed with a simple smile. We are learning a lot of things, and it is nice to interact with our students. Every moment is an opportunity know them better. They are very sweet, friendly, respectful and considerate. Moreover, seeing how interested they are to learn and how they care about their spiritual life is so gratifying. We are very happy that God brought us here.

Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether

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*Names have been ommited for the safety of the individuals in this story.

Before graduation, I decided to spend a few months with the students as they were coming to the end of their training. The curriculum that we teach from has had a great influence on the students. They are learning things that they can use in a practical way, in their spiritual walk with the Lord. One day, two of the students had a misunderstanding over something small. Later in the evening, two others had another argument. Being that we are a part of the administrative staff, my friend and I talked with the students so that they may understand how to deal with the problem in a Christian way. They listened to us.

The next morning during worship, there was a beautiful thought shared about true repentance. One of the older men in our class was touched by the message. He stood up at the end of worship time to make things right. One by one, the other three who had been involved in the verbal altercation also stood up. Their repentance was heartfelt. There were tears and confession. My heart was touched also. I could feel God’s presence near in this work of transformation. During graduation, the students shared a lot about their past life. They discussed some of their darkest moments where hope seemed lost. Some of them had grown up in a Christian home, but they did not fully understand the purpose of their life. However, when they received their training here, they felt that God had given them meaning and purpose. All of them have promised to share what they have learned when they go home. As they depart to their respective homes, we pray that these students will not only share their newly acquired knowledge, but that they will share the beautiful love of Christ as well.

In Heavenly Love Abiding

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Grant was a studious individual who took school very seriously. In the evenings, he would study with his three friends. These friends happened to be Seventh-day Adventists. Grant, however, was not. Grant was the son of a Baptist pastor and had been raised in that religion all of his life. Interestingly enough, he had many questions about the Bible that remained unanswered. Grant’s friends brought him to meet Sam. Sam was a Bible worker in the local area.

When Grant’s friends took him to meet this fellow, almost immediately Grant started asking questions about the Sabbath. This opened the door to invite Grant to worship with them at church that coming Sabbath. Grant appreciated the beautiful truths that were taught that day. After church, Grant joined Sam and his friends for lunch that afternoon. Grant asked many more questions which led to several Bible studies. After a while, Grant started attending church every Saturday. Even though Grant was raised as a Christian, he was not living a Christian life. He had not fully understood what God was asking of him. This led to more bible studies and sleepless nights full of prayer. After 6 months of intense study, Grant was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church. Soon afterwards, he decided to take a light training course that was taking place in his local community.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals in this story*

He now has a desire to serve the Lord through health evangelism so that others can know of the beautiful Jesus that he has had the privileging of knowing.

In Imitation, Lord of Thee

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Because of the spiritual desolateness of this area, there have been two graduates that have been placed in a seminary program as full-time bible workers. Saul and Rob work closely with the lay evangelist pastor of the SDA church nearby. Saul and Rob have been working for the Lord primarily through friendship evangelism and home visitation which has led to bible studies and baptisms. Friendship evangelism involves the Bible workers reaching out to members of the community and befriending them. As the friendship and trust grows, the door is open to discussions of health, faith and Bible studies. This is followed by invitations to come to church. They go out each day on foot or on bicycle and visit homes, hospitals and church members. They meet new people and make new contacts for Bible studies. Many of their contacts come from local church members. This area has a great deal of underground terrorist activity. When Saul first moved into his new community in September 2015, many of his neighbors were not friendly to him and were actually afraid he was a terrorist. He spoke their language with an accent and did not act like most locals.

Eventually, they began to talk to him but they were still very guarded. They started to offer him tea and he would say no. Although it can seem rude to decline tea, this was actually a blessing in that it gave him the perfect opportunity to share the health message. Sometime later, a Hindu holiday came around and his neighbors offered him food that is usually offered to Hindu gods.

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity”
1 Timothy 4:12.

He declined and yet they still put it on his table. He refused to eat any food that had been offered to a pagan god and threw it away. His neighbors again asked why and he was then able to share with them about the true creator God and that he would not dishonor Him by eating this particular food. His neighbors were not angry and respected his decision. After this time of getting to know him, they realized that he is actually a devout young man that lives according to the principles he has learned from the Bible. Some of his neighbors work for the government and the salary is occasionally not paid on time. When this happened, his neighbors asked to borrow money until their pay came. Saul agreed and then they paid him back. Saul says that now his neighbors are very happy with him and freely share their words and time with him.

Jesus Saves

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My family has experienced a kink in our plans but, we are happy to tell you how the Lord has been so good to us, every step of the way! Many of you may remember how my family, and I, had moved after we finished our 6-month Women’s Ministries course. We moved into a comfortable place to stay. Tom was assisting the local church in outreach and our whole family was making new friends in the community. While doing this, we worked on expanding our Nepali language abilities. One night, not long after our arrival in our new location, we were hiking back to our home with our groceries in our backpacks. As we climbed upward we could hear loud chanting, in unison, up the mountain from where we were. As we reached an intersection in the road, there was a police officer looking uphill. Tom looked and saw a large group of protesters, carrying fire-lit torches and chanting. As the people came closer Tom encouraged my wife and daughter to stand in the shadows of the side street as they passed by. When they passed by, we saw some of them violently tear down a sign that had been put up by the local government. The next day Tom asked our good friend, the lay leader of the Adventist church, what was happening. He explained the history of the local people and their desires. These people speak the Nepali language but are not Nepali citizens. However, they don’t feel they are treated fairly. So, as a result, they choose to protest in attempt to get their own independent state. This protest was in the form of a “strike,” which means that all the shops are supposed to close and the vehicles are supposed to stop running, until further notice. In this way, the frustrated protesters hoped to get the government’s attention in order to get what they desire. Some of the protests escalated into violence. The protests went from being peaceful, to yelling, throwing rocks and bricks, and finally to bullets. People were killed.

Police vehicles were burned. As we type this, the strike continues even today. It has been over 30 days. While we were in our new home, the strike continued. People were telling us it was a good idea for us, as foreigners, to leave. We felt safe in our home that God had provided. We were near a community that didn’t have anything to do with the strike. However, my family and I could tell as we looked around for food to eat, that the selection was getting smaller. No one could tell us how long the strike would last. The internet for the entire mountain region had been shut off. Those we met and talked to said that getting a vehicle to drive someone out of danger was impossible. Others said that we could get one to do it illegally in the night. We were beginning to feel less freedom and beginning to wonder if now was the time to go, rather than wait. We had planned to stay in our new home for almost two months. We had only been there for about three weeks. We went to our knees and prayed, asking God what we should do. After having one final Sabbath with our new church family, we decided we would try to leave. On Sunday morning, Tom and our church leader tried to go and talk to government officials to see if they could get some transportation for our family. They were told they were on our own to find something. They went to the protester office but it was closed. A couple of shady young men said they could provide a ride in the night, for a high price. The vehicle was secured, and a 4 am meeting time established. At our home, we had a lot to do. We took the whole day to separate our things into what we could take with us and what would be put into storage. We had some more trouble securing the vehicle, but by midnight we believed we would see a vehicle meeting us at 4 am, by God’s grace. We got up early, spent time with the Lord, and waited. Sure enough, the vehicle came! A fog came in, to our advantage, making us less conspicuous. Our driver took the back roads, and we were roughly driven through the streets, past burned out vehicles and flipped over buses. We arrived safely down the mountain. We proceeded down the mountain with our driver and got dropped off at a hotel that was out of the strike zone. There in the city, we had access to the internet and were able to contact Laymen Ministries, letting them know what was going on. They were able to help us acquire an early departure, back the United States.

“Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”
Revelation 14:12.

As of now, we are scheduled to return to the country in early December, 2017. After all of this, we felt like Lot, as he was whisked away by the angels, out of Sodom. While these events were taking place around us, we were continually reminded how the Lord has told us that there will be a time of no buying or selling (Revelation 13:7). We thought over and over how we are told to live “out of the cities” (Country Living pg. 31). We feel as if we have had a taste of future trials which all those who “keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” will have to face in the future. May God be with us all as we prayerfully examine our personal lives and the times that we live in.

All the Way

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One of our previous graduates, Mara, had lost her mother during the earthquake in Nepal. Soon after that, she joined our Women’s Ministries Course. We gave her the opportunity to take the Advanced Tailoring course. She went back to her village and started a tailoring shop. I went to attend a wedding of one of our previous students near the village that Mara resided in. We had an opportunity to visit one of the churches that were started by some of our graduates. We had helped them especially in the beginning to get the church started. It has been growing ever since.

This time, when we went there, it was a blessing to see the church with many people in it. I was so happy to see Mara’s progress. She is doing well in her tailoring shop. She is now able to support herself and is busy with her sewing while teaching others as well. She is faithful in church and capable of supporting herself. I felt this was a real success. I praise the Lord and thank Him for His help.

Sing A New Song To The Lord

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One of our local academies (from grades 1st – 8th grade) strives to prepare their students to love and serve Christ. Lives are being changed for the better. The older students have been quite a blessing to their community. They have learned how to give health and temperance talks, presenting them in a way that is uplifting to the soul. The high school students are maturing growing up to be helpful and loving individuals for God’s work. It has been a blessing seeing them become skilled in their training. They have been able to practically apply what they’ve learned. We praise God for all He has done for us!

Adam, one of our students, has been raised in our school since he was a small boy. His father left his pregnant mother with two little boys. Adam was the youngest. The mother has no way to pay for rent, so the landlord put her and her sons on the street. The went to the train station to live and beg for food. After some time, I had taken some students to catch a train so that we could visit a village that we had helped establish. While on the train platform, our students got together and started to sing. I noticed the mother with the two boys standing in the front of the crowd that gathered to listen. The train came and we pushed into the very crowded car and left. When we got off the train, we got on a bus that would take us to our destination. The same mother that was with her boys had gotten on the same bus we were on. So, I asked her, “Do you live in the next village”? She answered, “No…I have no money to feed my boys, and I see that your children are happy. Please take my children and raise them”.

I gave her some money for food and travel for the weekend and told her to come by our school on Monday so that she could bring her sons. She was there early Monday morning. She begged us to take her sons. I could tell she desperately needed help and I sympathized with her pain. We took the boys and asked if she wanted to work for us. She happily accepted! She stayed working for us until she had her baby boy, Elijah. Afterwards, she got a job in the city and moved, to be closer to her workplace. We have raised all three of her boys. Their mother has come to the school often. She brings presents when she can and shows them so much love. Elijah is still in our school and Adam is on the work crew. I am amazed at what a hardworking and very practical minded boy he is, so humble and always thinking ahead. Jesus is in his heart and I am blessed to have him as my boy. He is doing well in his classes, like many of the other boys and girls at our school. I praise the Lord for His continuous blessings.

And Can It Be

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Abraham has the most beautiful singing voice. He sings with such deep passion and conviction that one could easily see that he must have a moving and meaningful story to tell about how his life was changed by the LORD. Abraham’s family was Baptist and he had been raised as a Christian but was not following Biblical truths. He was a drunkard and yet was still attending his family’s church and they asked Samuel and Ron to visit him. Samuel met with Abraham and became friends with him. Samuel first talked to him about health and even visited Abraham’s Baptist church one Sunday. Samuel did not miss any opportunities to reach others and took Ellen White books with him, which he distributed that Sunday amongst the Baptist church members. He told them he was a Seventh-day Adventist and shared with them about the Sabbath. Abraham soon began to visit Samuels’ home and eat with him. When Samuel taught Abraham about the Sabbath, Abraham said he was already knowledgeable about it.

Abraham’s way of thinking was challenged when Samuel asked him why he didn’t keep the Sabbath if he knew and believed it to be true. Samuel began to study the bible with Abraham and invited him to church on Sabbath. Samuel also told him about the seminary and that he could attend if he wanted to learn more about the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ. Abraham took some time to think about this. Finally, the time came for a decision. Early one morning, Samuel went to Abraham’s house and told him that the last chance to go to seminary had arrived. Samuel told him that if he kept drinking, maybe his life would be finished. Abraham agreed to go after consulting with his parents. His parents supported his decision even though it was a Seventh-day Adventist school. They were concerned about travel expenses and school costs but Samuel assured them that the LORD has ways to provide for their every need. Abraham continued studying with Samuel and Ron and was baptized before coming to take a training program with LIGHT. He also plans to attend a seminary program! Abraham can now praise the LORD in beautiful ways with his voice because the LORD has changed his heart and life.

Not I, But Christ

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“Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, “Follow Me.””
MH 143.3.

Joy was strongly against Jesus but all of her family, expect her and her brother, were Christian. She gave her parents a lot of problems because she was not Christian. She hated her family and she never obeyed her parents. She always criticized her father and mother’s religion. One day I got a chance to spend time with her. I tried to preach to her about Jesus but I was not able to succeed because she was always speaking critically about Him. Nonetheless, I continued to try to share with her the reality of Jesus. However, there was no way because she didn’t like to listen to me. Therefore, I started to just listen to her. That made her happy.

The second time I visited her house and tried to talk with her about Jesus but the same thing happened. She just tried to make me understand her own ways. So, the second day also I only listened to her and I came back home. The same thing was repeated several days, but after several visits she began to talk less and listen more. Then it became just the opposite. I started to talk more and she was listening more. I started to share with her about Jesus more deeply day by day. I started to regularly visit her house and preach to her and also her family, even though they were already Christian, but that time my main focus was her, because she wasn’t a Christian. Then I started giving her daily Bible studies and by the grace of God, she started to listen carefully, so I knew the Holy Spirit was working in her mind. Finally, by the grace of God, I was able to convince her after 9 months to accept Christ. She started to come regularly to Church over several months and last month she got baptized in the name of Christ. Now I am still praying for her brother because he is not yet coming to church. So, please pray for him.

O God, Whose Will Is Life and Good

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This weekend, our students, together with their teachers, helped with a large Health Expo in Europe. The students were quite excited before such an important event and they had a lot of emotions, including fear. Yet, at the same time, they shared a great desire to be a part of this event and help people to learn more about how to maintain and strengthen their health. The Health Expo was scheduled for a Sunday. It was a windy and sunny day. We were blessed as several people came. They wanted to hear useful information and learn different measurements – weight, height, fat percentage, blood pressure, biological age, etc. Everyone also received a relaxing chair massage, ministering to the physical side as well as the mental education aspect. About 3,000 books were distributed. About 200 people had time to go through all the measurements and many people could also consult with the doctor. During the Health Expo, we prayed with many visitors and several of them asked us to continue praying for them. Those who realized the value of the information they received during our program were interested to participate in similar events in the future.

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
James 5:16.

Having participated in the health program, the students had positive impressions, because this event did not happen without a visible manifestation of the power of God. According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to rain all day long. However, as soon as the participants arrived at the venue, the rain stopped, the clouds went away and the sun appeared. The weather was clear and sunny until the health Expo was finished, after which it began to rain again. The strong prayer of the righteous man can do much (James 5:16). Praise the Lord for Him being part of our lives! Our students were very happy that they could help so many people and be useful in serving their brothers and sisters in Christ.