Father, Lead Me Day by Day

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* The following story is told from the perspective of a missionary couple serving in Nepal.

Our journey started with a 24-hour flight from Venezuela to Nepal. Since our departure from Venezuela, we could see how God was leading. Thankfully, we landed safely into territory that was unfamiliar to us. We soon realized that our journey had just begun. After being picked up at the airport, we began the long trip of 15 hours to the base of the mountain where we would be teaching. We went by jeep down to the plains and then by bus to the nearest village. We were thrilled to see our new home. We were so excited to finally hear the sweet words, “We have arrived”! Interestingly enough, God had another plan for us. Throughout the day, the rainfall increased which caused the roads to be very muddy. Our jeep, along with other vehicles, got stuck a couple of times. As the night approached, we had to stay in a village nearby with a very kind family. The next day, we decided to continue our journey. We had no idea of what we should to expect. Despite this, we were calm because we knew that God was protecting us.

After approximately 4 1/2 hours, we finally arrived at the Center where we would be teaching. We were happy to meet the team. After we took some time to rest, the rainfall continued. We were in danger of more landslides that could potentially cover the road and would make it difficult to get any supplies to our facility. A decision was made to go back. We started out journey (again) the next day. We were worried because the rainfall did not subside through the night. In fact, it was still raining hard that morning. By the afternoon, the downpour stopped, but the road was dangerous! We found approximately 18 landslides, but that was just a little thing for God to handle. He protected us. After 9 hours of hiking, we FINALLY arrived to our destination where the people received us kindly! Unfortunately, the power was shut off, with no access to water. No one was sure when these problems would be corrected. However, God provided for our needs. The next day, we enjoyed a good time washing our clothes in the river nearby and taking a good bath. What a blessing! Everyone is so nice and friendly. We are honored to be used by God in any capacity. We are happy to have been called to a wonderful region. Nepal is a beautiful country with beautiful views. We are getting accustomed to a completely different culture, custom, cuisine, dress, and language. The language barrier can be challenging, at times. However, much can be expressed with a simple smile. We are learning a lot of things, and it is nice to interact with our students. Every moment is an opportunity know them better. They are very sweet, friendly, respectful and considerate. Moreover, seeing how interested they are to learn and how they care about their spiritual life is so gratifying. We are very happy that God brought us here.

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