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In our last newsletter, we shared a field report from Osorno, Chile. Another LIGHT training course was recently completed. Here are some testimonies of how God used this training to impact people’s lives for the better.


*This is from the perspective of Brother Huerta, who is the First Elder of the Osorno Central Church*
The time spent here has been a great blessing. I am truly grateful for the effort made to be here all three weeks. I would like to share a short testimony with you. I was going through some tough times in my personal life and I asked the Lord to tell me what He needed me to hear – what I needed to hear from Him. In one of the classes, when Sister Diaz began to present her topic, it was as if the Holy Spirit used her to speak to me. This gave me a desire to change many things in my life. I felt so small and so ignorant about this. Now, I am a different person. I now see that the Lord has answered my prayers. I am determined to go out, and share what I have learned. My church needs to know about this so that they may feel the passion that we have started to feel through these trainings. May the Lord help us, bless us, and strengthen us. May He fill us with this passion. The church needs to see this passion in us, so that souls can be reached. I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You, together with the Lord, have changed our lives, our feelings, and our thoughts. May the Lord abundantly bless this ministry!


*This is from the perspective of Pastor Villanueva. He is 62 years old and was the only pastor who faithfully attended the courses every single day* I would like to thank the Lord, because I had been struggling with eating meat for the past 4 years. However, my struggles ended with the nutrition class. I learned how the defenses of our body work in accordance to the food that we eat. I realized that I do not need to struggle any more. I will be visiting my mother soon, and I know that she will be providing a feast upon my arrival. I know that the Lord will help us to say “no” to unhealthful foods. I pray that I can kindly share Christian teachings with my family, without pointing fingers. I would like to thank our Lord tremendously. I hope that in Osorno, we can initiate a revolution, in favor of the church and in favor of the community, because they need better health and they need to know our God.

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