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The pen of inspiration tells us that, “The principles of health reform are found in the Word of God. The gospel of health is to be firmly linked with the ministry of the Word. It is the Lord’s design that the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great effort to proclaim the gospel message” {Medical Ministry,259 (1899)}.

During our first intake, we had a student who was a business man from Botswana. This gentleman’s name is Nic. He only attended for one month. After he left, we came to the conclusion that he was more curious to see what medical missionary work was all about. He came with a negative mindset and wondered what new things we were going to teach him. He was skeptical due to his high level of education. He came to our institution with an asthma condition.

During his time with us, he learned about many health principles. When he left, he decided to follow them and see if it will help with his asthma condition. He left all animal products and started eating healthfully. We were not aware of this. He told us that he would like to come back and finish the course.

When he arrived for his second intake, we could tell there was a difference in this man Nic could not wait to share it with us. His asthma was gone. His attitude was amazingly positive. He embraced the health message. By God’s will, he will graduate at the end of this course!

“In every place the sick may be found, and those who go forth as workers for Christ should be true health reformers, prepared to give those who are sick the simple treatments that will relieve them, and then pray with them. Thus they will open the door for the entrance of the truth. The doing of this work will be followed by good results” {Medical Ministry, 320 (1911)}.

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