Come, All Christians, Be Committed

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*This is told in the perspective of a beloved missionary, named Brother Jam*

During 2017, we started a 21-day lifestyle program headed by our medical doctor, Dr. Narcimel Santor. Doctor Ecy as we call him, is very convicted with the health counsels of the Spirit of Prophecy. He has full assurance that God will bless this lifestyle changing program. Through much prayer, we started to accept two health guests
per program to participate in the 21-day program. Health issues of these guests include: gall bladder stones, kidney problems, emotional and family problems, drug addictions, and the list goes on. There was one patient that strengthened our beliefs in God’s healing method. That health guest came to our campus with several serious health problems like prostate gland enlargement, heart enlargement, liver problems and kidney stone
problems. Before coming here, his son told us that his father was quite skeptical about our missionary work, but he was able to convince his father to try this program. The reason he accepted the offer to try our program
was because his doctor advised him to have a surgery that he couldn’t afford. The patient’s name is
Dickston, and his son’s name is Dennis. Dennis is a graduate of the six-month training course. During his stay for the program, we were praying that God will show him miracles through the simple remedies that are being applied to him. After joining the program for 11 days, he requested for a checkup at a nearby hospital to see any progress regarding his health problems. When they went to the doctor, Mr. Dickston did not tell the doctor in that hospital about his health condition. He just said I want to have a check-up. So, they did ultrasound, cbc and a range of other tests. When the results were issued, the doctor told Mr.Dickston that he had almost normal findings except for small particles of kidney stone. He was so shocked! Eventually, Mr. Dickston told the
doctor that he joined the 21-day program and experienced wonderful results. Mr. Dickston is now convinced that God has healing miracles through NEWSTART principles. Amen!

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