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When we arrived in the city we currently live in, we only knew about one Adventist living there. It was a lady married to an indigenous Muslim. With time, we heard about the several times she tried to talk to her husband about Jesus and the Bible and about the problems it created. He was not interested or open to hearing anything about her faith or her “Book”, the Bible.

As time passed, we had the chance to meet him several times, and we began building a friendship. We went to picnics together, went fishing, and we spent a weekend at their house. they came to ours another weekend. It developed into a good friendship.

He accepted an invitation to come to some worships that we would prepare, but during the worship, he would constantly look at his cellphone or do other things to show that he was not interested in the message. As soon as the worship was finished, he would become talkative and friendly again.

We continued praying for him and spending time together as friends. With time, he became more and more open to us and our group.

One day his child prayed in front of him, but for the first time, she closed the prayer by saying “in the name of Jesus, Amen”. The husband became so angry that he stood up and began yelling at his child and wife. He thought that it was wrong, and insisted that she could never pray in the name of Jesus again.

He went out of the room, and his wife was very sad and discouraged. She started to pray. Of course, she had been praying for years, but that specific moment she again told God how difficult it was to raise a child with a Muslim husband who would not even allow her child to pray in the name of Jesus. She asked for wisdom and patience.

After a while when her husband was already calm again, she asked him to get his Quran for them to read together. When he brought it, she went verse by verse through every passage that mentions that Jesus is alive in heaven at the side of Allah. By the end, she said, “do you see it?” There is nothing wrong with our child praying in the name of Jesus.

He was caught by surprise as he had never read those verses, and he had no answer to them. After few seconds of silence, he replied, “OK, she can pray in the name of Jesus, but He is not God!” His wife was so happy. She thought silently to herself, “that will be a whole other conversation. We will get there.”

After a while they got to know another couple, with Christian background. They became friends with the other couple and were one day invited over to dine at the couple’s house. While there the Adventist wife overheard the husbands’ conversation while the other one asked to her husband: “And what is your religion?” He replied, “We’re Adventist!”

“Adventist? What is that?”
“Oh, we keep the Sabbath, so we meet every Sabbath and pray together. We also don’t eat pork.”

The Adventist wife could hardly believe her Muslim husband introduced himself as an Adventist already.

Her husband accepted to come again for one special worship at the beginning of the new year. We struggled with what theme to choose and how to prepare the program. As all of us were praying, we decided that it would be best to talk about prayer and how God answers them. We encouraged everyone during the worship to say what prayers we had prayed for together as a group that God had answered.

We started to write a list all together, and the husband got excited and started to mention all the blessings that he had received as a result of the group’s prayers. He remembered that his parents were sick, and after the group’s prayers, they recovered. There were other answered prayers as well. At the end, we all prayed together and thanked God for the many blessings, and he was very happy and participative.

A few days later, the couple ran into serious financial issues as well as other problems. Once more the Adventist wife was surprised when the husband joined her for prayer, and since that day, they have been praying every single day together, holding each other’s hands (which had been her dream for so many years), and their child would always close the prayer by saying “in the name of Jesus, amen.”
He is also saying personal prayers and trusting his troubles to God. He even started to encourage his own family, from another city, talking by phone and telling them to trust their struggles to God and telling them that God would be faithful in helping them.

He is still struggling to understand everything, but we can see that for the first time, he is developing a true personal relationship with God. It’s evident that he is experiencing a peace that he never felt before, and we are sure that God is revealing Himself to him. It’s just an awesome privilege to watch this transformation occurring before our eyes.

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