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    LIGHT offers the best in medical missionary training online. Our courses will train you with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to minister to the needs of communities and individuals physically, mentally and spiritually. Click below to learn more about both our 'Essentials' and 'Standard' courses. Both courses are available online and our 'Standard' course is additionally available on location at dozens of LIGHT affiliate schools across the globe.

  • From Alcohol to Water of Life: The Story of Mr. Peter

    From May 11 through 20, 2015 the first 10 day program on healthful living took place at the Los Aromos Wellness Center. This is where Mr. Peter enters the scene, a man of...

  • The power of Prayer: The story of Martha and Fausto

    The Centro de Aplicaciones Vida Sana (translated as Center of Healthy Life Applications, referred to as CAViS,) was created inside of the Adventist School of Ecuador. It’s objective has been to...

  • How to make a Herbal Skin Cream

    Today we are going to learn how to make a herbal skin cream, a rejuvenating anti-aging formula that will bring healing to damaged skin. Equip yourself and discover how simple herbal remedies can improve the quality of your health and that of your family.

  • Country Life Dominican Republic

    Learn more about this exciting project located in the heart of the Caribbean...

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