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    LIGHT offers the best in medical missionary training online. Our courses will train you with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to minister to the needs of communities and individuals physically, mentally and spiritually. Click below to learn more about both our 'Essentials' and 'Standard' courses. Both courses are available online and our 'Standard' course is additionally available on location at dozens of LIGHT affiliate schools across the globe.


    "I saw so much brokenness; I heard so much pain, anger, stress and loneliness! We can offer people genuine friendship, minister to their needs, gain their confidence and point them to the One who can satisfy their souls’ greatest desires."


    Pyramids. Sand. Desert. Is that what comes to your mind when you think of Egypt? Those were some of the images that came to my imagination before traveling to this ancient country a few weeks ago. What we found when we landed in Cairo surprised me...

  • Learn how to make a Pain Salve

    Today we are going to learn how to make a pain salve, an effective aid in case of joint pain or any other lesser pain. Equip yourself and discover how simple herbal remedies can improve the quality of your health and that of your family.

  • Reaching the homeless in Colombia

    Isaiah 58 is a project that began several months ago with the focus on feeding the homeless and clothing the less fortunate. May God bless this project and all those living to serve others. But the question still stands, what are you doing to further God's kingdom and show God's love to those around you? Is there something similar that you can do in your community?

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To see a global movement of God’s people sharing the light of God’s love through ministering to the needs of humanity.

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