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The Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT) is a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church devoted to provide health evangelism training worldwide.


LIGHT began with a desire to see more members of the church actively sharing the wonderful message of health and salvation.

With the understanding that many will work if they are only taught how to begin, we knew the greatest need was to make short training courses available to everyone. In 2005 two experimental training programs were field-tested in a Western European and a Central Asian country to see what would result. The success of these programs encouraged us to organize LIGHT to better facilitate the global expansion of medical missionary work. Through the help of various ministry leaders in Outpost Centers International, ASI, and Wildwood Lifestyle Center, LIGHT was developed.

In 2008 ASI, under the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, accepted LIGHT as an official member organization. Since that time LIGHT has trained tens of thousands of people in more than 100 countries.

Our vision is to see a global movement of God’s people sharing the light of His love through ministering to the needs of humanity.


To provide excellence in health evangelism training to church members worldwide through short courses, workshops and online studies.

To assist our graduates in the establishment of vibrant community health outreach programs, health evangelism training schools, city missions and rural lifestyle centers.

To develop quality health evangelism training materials in multiple languages.

To create a unified global network of health ministries.

Divisional Directors

Ron & Carin Lynch

North America

Ron and Carin are graduates of the Medical Missionary Program at the Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism, Wildwood, Georgia. Prior to being missionaries with LIGHT, Ron owned and operated health food stores, and Carin was a supervisor of social workers and nurses.

Ron and Carin minister not only to North America but also worldwide. They facilitate trainings and schools of health for pastors and members, preparing churches to reach their local communities and advance the Three Angels Message through the ministry of Health Education.

Carin has a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University’s Center for Nutritional Studies and is a graduate of the Forks Over Knives plant-based cooking program at the Rouxbe International Culinary Arts School. She is the cooking class instructor at the Wildwood Lifestyle Center in Wildwood, Georgia. She has recorded several cooking programs as a featured chef on the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) Today Cooking Show. Her first cookbook, “Plant-Based Made Simple,” was published in September 2020 and is currently available for purchase.

Shanniel Fisher


Shanniel has a passion for evangelism, missions, young people, health and disease prevention since he was 17 years old. After receiving Health and Wellness Coaching training at Uchee Pines Health Institute in Alabama USA, he served as Uchee Pines’ Education Director, and Lifestyle Center Administrator for 4 years, and more recently served as president of Country Life Health Institute in the Dominican Republic. Together with his wife Lina, they have dedicated their lives to full-time ministry around the world and works currently with LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training) as the divisional director for Inter-America, and also the Field Vice-President for OCI (Outpost Centers International) in Inter-American Division.

Linda Bentancurt


Linda has a deep interest in health and disease prevention. She has her RN and BSN in nursing, and has worked in various nursing capacities.  She has been involved with LIGHT since 2009, especially in South America. She is married to Pablo, and they are raising a precious son, Jonathan. She enjoys sharing God’s love and how to prevent disease with others, healthy cooking and baking, hiking, and time in nature.

Angie Sánchez


Angie Sánchez has worked as a Peruvian physician since 2006 and, in 2013, has found her passion in connecting with people through mental health counseling. While doing her Master in Family Therapy in 2015, she came in contact with the true biblical health message and became acquainted with the LIGHT Ministry two years later. She took the medical missionary training in 2018 in Chile and since then worked with LIGHT as an instructor and teacher for Peru and Ecuador.



Serghei was born in Moldova to an Adventist Missionary family. After college graduation, he was interested in continuing his family’s mission work. In 2004 he studied in a Medical Missionary School in Moldova. After graduation, he was invited to serve, first as boys dean then as the school director. Interested in pastoral work, he studied Theology (BA) and Leadership (MA). On a mission trip Serghei met Anastasiia. She was a big help on this trip, and after a year of courtship, they got married. In 2008 they were asked to join LIGHT and help develop God’s work in Europe and Africa. Today Serghei serves as our divisional director for the Middle East and Europe.

Rodney Bowes

Africa & Southern Asia

Rodney has served as a pastor, evangelist, teacher, and medical missionary trainer. Since 1999 he has served in various ministries with a passion to share the present truth through health evangelism. He and his wife Julie live in Southern California with their precious daughter Sierra Victoria Grace.

Alain Bautista

South-East Asia

Alain and his wife Irene joined LIGHT in 2008 and have a missionary spirit that has led them from living in the jungle of the Philippines to the busy city of Jakarta. They are currently in the United States awaiting the region to open again so they can go back. They really enjoy spreading the gospel through medical missionary work and spending time with their sons Kenneth and Kyle.


Our board members share a common commitment to see LIGHT grow and develop as an organization. Collectively the board has years of experience in missions, evangelism, health education, curriculum development, clinical experience, counseling, business, and more.

Rodney Bowes


Steven Grabiner


Linda Bentancurt

Corporate Secretary

Bill Wynne


James Hartley


Brad Mills


Shawn Craig


Frank Fournier


Ruben Olm


Viriato Ferreira


Steve Dickman


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