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Individual Training

Find Deeper Knowledge
in Health and Wellness

Thousands are suffering and dying due to a poor understanding of simple health principles. That’s why we have designed several online and in-person courses to help you achieve optimal health and become a light for your community.

Online Training

Choose What
Fits Your Need

Find answers to your questions about natural remedies, a healthy lifestyle, beating back disease, and health coaching.

120 Hours – $497
Essentials of Health Evangelism

This certificate program trains you on how to practically approach health and use the knowledge and skills gained to coach others.

150 Hours – $497
Herbal Remedies

This certificate program gives you a comprehensive knowledge of practical herbal applications to help you and your loved ones achieve better health.

25 Hours – $197
Hydrotherapy & Massage

Understand the principles of water treatments and massage, and learn how to apply them successfully to fight disease.

10 Hours – $97
Home Remedies Coach

Learn to use simple home remedies that will strengthen your immune system and help you overcome viral infections, colds, and common home ailments.

A Trusted Source

Looking for
Hands-On Experience?

Travel to one of over 50 affiliate LIGHT schools located worldwide for an in-person and hands-on experience to receive your certification.