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LIGHT Ministry Impact

Eternal Impact
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Every year thousands of people around the world are inspired and equipped by our training courses and outreach endeavors.




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After completing our courses men and women are doing amazing things to touch the lives of their churches and communities with the practical influence of medical missionary work.

  • Nalisoa & Reuben, Madagascar

    Medical Doctor / Missionary

    After completing the LIGHT course in 2017/2018 and receiving further training in medical missionary work, my husband and I felt called to serve in Madagascar. By God’s grace, we were able to reach people through DVDs, literature, and home invitations. Now, we are in the process of opening an outpost center to train missionaries.

  • Ex-Catholic Couple, India


    My husband and I were Roman Catholics for decades, though he had doubts and questions about our faith. He attended a LIGHT training course and invited me to come to one of the meetings. My heart was touched by what I saw and heard in the classroom that soon, both my husband and I were baptized Seventh-day Adventists. We took the health message to heart and began a health food business, where we provide nutritious meals to our neighbors and lead people to the Master Physician, Jesus Christ.

  • Zezethu Vellem, South Africa

    Worker at a Missionary School

    The LIGHT training has benefited me greatly in understanding the functions of the human body. After graduating, I went door to door, sharing the health principles with people, treating the sick, and developing personal lifestyle plans for the needy. With that experience, I realize how open people are to the Gospel. I’m so thankful for the training I received at Arukah.

  • Dovlet & Svitlana Kakabayeva, Kazakhstan

    Leaders of the Pearl Lifestyle Center

    For nearly 30 years, we have embraced medical missionary work. In 2004, we conducted health programs to reach Muslims for Christ on a mission trip in Tadzhikistan. In just seven months, 21 people were baptized! After receiving an invitation to serve in Central Asia, we started a small Lifestyle Center in Kazakhstan through much prayer and work. In 3.5 years, over 1,000 people have come to improve their health and learn about Jesus as their personal Savior. Additionally, we offer 1-month and 6-months LIGHT courses to train missionaries.

  • Hamisu Bala Garba, Nigeria.

    Evangelism Coordinator

    I took the LIGHT training in 2014, which enabled me to participate in the organization of an evangelistic campaign called REBORN (2017/2018). The project focused on evangelizing people from unreached parts of Boi, Warji, and Shendam. By God’s grace, we have now Adventists in those areas. The course helped me to grow personally and get ready for the mission field.

  • Florea Artiom, Moldova

    LIGHT Representative – Europe

    In 2014, God gave us an expansive vision of mission work through the LIGHT training that led my family to travel worldwide to teach, preach, and offer healing remedies. We have found in Christ our Light. To be missionaries is what we consider our calling.

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    We are working with over 50 affiliate LIGHT schools located worldwide, which provide an in-person and hands-on experience for students.

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