There Is A Balm In Gilead

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We praise our good God who hath bestowed upon His remnant church the Ministry of Health Evangelism. Through this, Madam Irene Curfs, one of our teachers and I (George Agungu) a Student at LIGHT-Kenya, came in contact with Damaris Atieno, during our class afternoon community outreach program.

Damaris is a grandmother in her late 80s, who has her share of afflictions. She is deserted by both friends and relatives, leaving her with no one to take care of her. She lives in utter poverty. Her neighbors steal crops from her small farm, and she receives repeated threats of witchcraft from her own family. Her health is failing her as she suffers from a serious goiter, as well as some other diseases. All this has made Damaris suffer mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Before we met her, she had no church family or relationship with her Creator.

I (George), remember Damaris narrating to me how she had been sent away from the hospital because she had too much diseases to be attended to. She showed me two big polythene bags full of drugs and used plastics bags (used in packaging drugs). None of this helped. Damaris was in so much pain from the goiter to the point that her throat would be coarse on the inside and she would experience much pain when coughing. She also complained about abdominal pains together with stomach ulcers, backaches, hip pain. Damaris suffers from open wounds all over her toes and one big wound on her left leg with much discomfort at both soles.

“For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in.”
Matthew 25:35.

This grandma had no story to tell of God’s love towards her. Only complaints and lamentations came out of her. She had stopped attending her former Catholic church as it was too far to walk there. She joined the local P.E.F.A (Pentecostal Evangelical Federation of Africa) who had initially visited her but even there she has stopped attending due to her pain, loneliness, discouragement, and frustrations.

However, glory to God, there is a Balm in Gilead. Our Father is also our Heavenly Physician. Since we began visiting, we would pray with her, apply simple remedies, and feed her healthy foods. We would also encourage her from the Word of God, and help her accomplish some simple duties around her house. These simple tasks put a smile on Damaris’ face. One day, she told us, “You people are good… your kindness has touched me”
It’s amazing how fast the wounds have been healing and drying. The goiter is reducing and she no longer complains of the throat aches and coughs – though still a little bit of pain with the intestines. We can trust more, as we look at her past situation, that God is doing more exceeding abundantly than we can ask or think. Praise God!

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”
Ephesians 3:20.

The conversations have been changing from lamentations to praises. Glory to God! She’s even been giving gifts of vegetables and beans to us.

We believe Damaris will soon be whole, praising God and witnessing to her neighbors and relatives about God’s hand in her life.
Please pray for the LIGHT-KENYA school that they may be blessed by God to continue teaching others how to touch the community through Health Evangelism.

Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep

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A Chilean Psychologist, named Paulina, recently had an amazing experience at one of our affiliate schools. At Los Aromos Wellness Center, individuals are trained in health evangelism so that they can spread their new-found knowledge everywhere they go.

Paulina attended the 1-month course right before she finished her degree. Throughout her experience, she noticed how the devil continuously aims to destroy the lives of both children and adults by attacking families. God wants us to have eternal life. This is why Paulina made the decision to follow God and live the life He wanted her to live. By striving each day to do His will, she was encouraged knowing that this was the way God was leading her. Some time passed, and Paulina heard about Los Aromos and the work that they do there. Their teachings and values were clearly what she had been searching for. She saw the lifestyle habits, the principles of health, the laws of nature and how God created everything with balance and order.
When we place ourselves in His hands, to us, things may seem like chaos. However, we must remember that God knows our lives from the beginning to the end.
Paulina was in need of order in her life, and she knew that the Lord was willing to offer that to her and so much more!

While attending Los Aromos, she saw students and staff who were committed to finishing the work in this generation. Paulina cherished the precious moments she spent at this establishment. While living, and mingling with the people there, she learned to tolerate others, regardless of their various customs and habits. According to her, everyone is focused on ONE goal: preaching the gospel with all the tools the Lord has given His children, including the Spirit of Prophecy.

“He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.”
John 21:17.

Paulina noticed that the principles of health and the 8 natural remedies are great ways to lead mankind back to the feet of Jesus. In a finite way, this is how mankind can reach what our first parents experienced in Eden. This cherished truth is what prompted Paulina to ultimately have a desire to become a missionary. Jesus told Peter to “feed His sheep”. Not with our own lives, but with the life of Christ. Now, she feeds the sheep by singing and speaking of our Savior’s soon return.Paulina’s desire is to see people from other places and nationalities to accept the truth. In one way or another, the Lord moves our hearts and thoughts so that we can see His hand in our lives. This special time of growth and development has given Paulina lessons in strength, temperance and discipline.

Spirit of Prophecy talks about the connections between temperance, natural remedies, and self-control. Paulina was fortified with these truths and started working at the La Serena Adventist Academy. It was a marvelous experience. She knew the Lord was preparing her for something. This was in 2016. Now, Paulina is residing in Brazil as a missionary. She knows this is where the Lord wants her. When you let God lead your life, you will experience tremendous blessings. Many young people are rising up in these last days to fulfill the work God has for them. Paulina wants to encourage all, especially the young, to not give up! Even if you have sinned, you can obtain mercy and grace at our Father’s throne. You can do a great work for humanity and leave an imprint of Christ’s character wherever you go. May God bless you abundantly, now and forever.

Forgive Our Sins As We Forgive

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Adam is a small, handicapped young man. Born without hands, he had been able to do what he wanted most of his life. Throughout his schooling, they just passed him from one grade to another even if he didn’t pass. He was always the life of the party, dancing and singing until late at night. Card playing and gambling became a way of life. He didn’t drink, but he was addicted to Gurkha, a fast-food that had betel nut and tobacco in it. His sister became a Christian and later married a student from here. She taught him many things. He wasn’t interested, but with daily worship he slowly accepted the Lord and was baptized. But he still had not overcome his bad habits and the pull of the party life was strong. Any time there was a puja or wedding he was sure to be there with his friends most of the night. His brother-in-law took him to his place for some time, but when he returned to his home he was back in the bad habits. He loves to sing and preach and share with others about God but he could not overcome these bad habits. His sister really wanted to take the Women’s Ministries course with us but with a child she has not been able.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33.

So, she sent Manjeet here. He was accustomed to roaming freely and to buckle down and study was hard. One day he had to go home for some business and at that time there was a wedding near his home. When they offered him meat he didn’t accept it. He also shared what meat does to the body. His relatives were surprised at his change. Then in the other room many young people were dancing. He watched for some time. He was struggling what he should do. Just then, his friends caught him and put him in their midst. With the loud music, he was soon moving with them. That night when he went home, he felt very guilty. We had not taught anything about this subject yet, but the Holy Spirit was convicting him he had done wrong. He came back and confessed his wrongdoings.

That same week another relative was getting married. He wanted to go so much (his home is only a few hours from here)! I told him he needed to choose to study or just enjoy life and roam around. I went to town and he decided he was going home. However, the teachers and his sister counseled him and didn’t give him traveling money. So, he didn’t go. On Friday evening, before Sabbath, he came and asked forgiveness. I had seen a real change in his studying habits during the week and it made my heart rejoice. God is working with these rough specimens. Pray for them as they seek to be overcomers and prepare to go to heaven.

Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service

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The Lord is good and bountiful in blessings. Another LIGHT medical missionary training course started here in Asia. We had no idea what would transpire until we saw God opening the providential “doors” to finally make this happen, as we took a step of faith. There were 12 committed participants who joined coming from different provinces of the country. They left their posts of duty temporarily to learn more about the genuine medical missionary work and how to make it practical for themselves and others. In one occasion, after we already started the training, the money for food allowance of the participants was not yet met, and so we were praying for a miracle to come and that God will once again hear the prayers of His people.

A few days after, the confirmation came from a health director that they will be in charge of the amount needed. Praise the Lord! He never fails His beloved people. While the trainers were having a moment of devotion with our God one morning, we were impressed to brainstorm on how we can reach the communist community with medical missionary work, without violating any government policy, since we do not want our local church to be affected. At the same time, we asked God that He will prove to the participants that medical missionary work can break down prejudice, and can also be a way to meet and make friends with other people. What God showed us that morning is amazing. First, we noticed that this area is very much into music. Rock music, Buddhist music, and their popular folk songs. “Is there such a way that heavenly music can reach their hearts?”, we wondered.

“Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you”
1 Samuel 12:24.

One of our companions is a great violin player and upon hearing the idea, he become very excited to play his instrument. At first it was very unusual for onlookers to see that there was beautiful music being played. There were chairs set-up, offering a free 5minute massage to anyone in need. After a while, people made their way towards the chairs to receive a rejuvenating massage. They were very happy! The cost of a massage, in some parts of Asia, is expensive but they received it here for free! We met some people who can speak English, some are businessmen, students, fathers, tourists from Europe, and there was even one evangelical pastor who came at the place because he heard heavenly music at the site! It was a privilege to share with him that Jesus is soon to come and we need to get ready and to let other people be ready as well! Of course, this was said with caution as I am figuring out whether this is a spy or a real pastor! Praise the Lord we were able to make good contacts that night.

The following morning, we told the group about our night adventure, and all of them were inspired. They said, “Let’s do it again”! We came back and had several missionaries with us. The publishing director was inspired by our testimony, so he went with us as well. He brought his supplies of books to sell to anyone who may be interested. Not long after, a policeman came, trying to stop us. Due to the lack of evidence that we were violating any government rules and principles, we were allowed to continue. This was a night to remember for the participants. Since then, they have not ceased conducting activities and services like this, in different locations. God inspired and moved the hearts of our brethren, and we pray that what God has started will be accomplish and will bring more people to the kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for this region. Also, please pray that the translation of our classes can be finished soon, and that the pastor we encountered can learn more on the principles of God’s Healing Program.

Work, For the Night Is Coming

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While holding recent harvest campaigns in the Caribbean, a woman, hearing that we were Christians, asked us to come visit her 81-year old father, Saul, explaining “he’s dying from cancer. We are not Christians, but he had a brother who died cancer, and before his death, he learned about Jesus and was greatly comforted and died peacefully. I want my father to be able to die like his brother”. Visiting Saul, in his humble thatched roof home, we shared our faith in the matchless love of God to send Jesus to die for our sins. Afterwards, we sang a few songs, prayed, and invited him to the evening meeting, offering transportation.

Though weak from his terminal illness, Saul came every night. We cannot erase the joy we felt the night Saul came forward to turn his life over to Jesus and the joy he expressed as he came up out of the waters of baptism.

Praise the Lord, Saul’s daughter is now daily reading the bible to her father and studying God’s Word with our Medical missionaries as she seeks the same joy and peace in her own life. Perhaps God is impressing someone reading this short blog to get involved in helping reach the people of the Caribbean. Is God speaking to you, just now, to finish the work? We would love to hear from you as we finalize the evangelism teams for 2017. Is there yet another who may not be able to physically go at this time, but who can help someone else wanting to go, or the need for additional medical missionary gospel workers, building projects or purchase of houses of worship for Saul and other new believers? Together, let’s think of the everlasting love that He has showered upon us and ask Him for a heart to do exactly what He is calling us to do. What a blessing to follow the Lord, to be in His will. Unto Him be the glory throughout the ages!

“And heal the sick that are therein, and say unto them, The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you”
Luke 10:9.

For more information, please contact:
Henry & Arlene Stubbs
World Youth Group
P. O. Box 1454
Westminster, SC, USA 29693
(864) 723- 6441

Praise The Lord His Glories Show

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My name is Vicky and I live in Kenya. One day as I watching TV I came across a program called Medical Missionary, which drew my interest in the connection between health and the Word of God. Over a period of 1 year I kept a date with the program; Saturdays 8:00pm it was.

In my curiosity and desire to learn more I decided to go to the internet (as you know everything on google is true, right?) and search medical missionary. Various options came up but I needed one closest to my location and in one of those searches LIGHT-Kenya came up and I made contact. I was given the options of studies available and since I am engaged in full time employment, home study was the most appropriate so I enrolled. As I studied my manuals I discovered that dairy causes bloatedness, something I had struggled with for years! In fact, I used to sleep with my hand supporting my stomach due to the discomfort, but I can tell you I used to take a lot of dairy milk in all its forms; fresh milk, flavored milk, yogurt in all its flavors, curd, cream, name it I used (by the way it runs in the family….hehehe we are all kittens) I decided to stop taking dairy milk for 3 days and see if I could experience any changes and sure I did. Bloatedness and belching stopped I was feeling fine.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth”
2 Tim 2:15.

However, I didn’t believe that was the reason, I went back to my milk and immediately the bloating started. I had finally proved a point to myself and the dairy milk had to go from my shopping list and in came an alternative. I got cashew nuts which is equally yummy milk. Another out of the list was sugar. These two dietary changes have caused me to shed off some weight and now I look and feel healthier. Not only have I achieved physical benefits but also spiritual as everything that is learned has its root in the Word of God relevant to today’s life. Thank you LIGHT- Kenya for accommodating my unique requirements in order to gain knowledge am now quipped to teach others. My colleagues think I should be transferred to our health department to advocate for healthy lifestyle. In the meantime, studies continue.

Jesus With Thy Church Abide

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When I was a little child, my parents were Hindu. My mother suffered from many health problems. When she could find no help from the gods she knew, a nearby Christian was called to come and to pray for her. God heard their prayers and she slowly got better. She continued in an active Christian life, but she did not know the full truth.
One of my cousins was living in India. During his time there, he learned about the truth through the Seventh-day Adventist church. Then, he returned back to the village. There was something different about him. He would always go to church on Sabbath, but we went on Sunday. His church was an hour or so hike away. Our church was nearby. I was curious about their services and I went to visit. It was different and very calm and the sermons were good. They would share about the Sabbath. So, all these things made my family want to try something different without knowing the principles of the church. My parents decided to become members of my cousin’s church. As we attended the church services, we learned many things which we never had learned before. We had many opportunities to make new friends and learn from them.

Since then, my mother wanted to start a church in our village. We had donated land for the church, but for some reason, it was never started. With the same vision that my mother had, I started to work to accomplish that goal. I made some contacts with some Bible Workers who were available at that time. They did a good work of sharing Jesus in the community, but because we did not have a church there, the people joined whatever local Christian church was nearby.

So when the Lord called me to move my family to another area, He gave me a burden to help the nearby Adventist churches that we had helped to establish. My family and I would go help and teach in the churches. My sister had run off and married a Hindu when she was a teenager. My mother would always pray for her night and day. I prayed for my brother-in-law and was kind and friendly with him. God answered my prayer by putting them in a financial crisis. So when they finally asked for help, I invited them to help in my fields. I moved to the area after a short while. We would have morning and evening worship, and since they were staying with us, I invited them to join. I provided food and shelter for them. They started to show interest in the worship and one day asked for a Bible and a song book. The pastor provided those resources for them. After some time, they accepted the Lord and started to regularly come to church. It is incredible to see what God has done in my brother-in-law and how He has transformed a drunk and a smoker to a clean, honest man, who cares for his family and loves God. Now, he has shown interested in being baptized.

My children are little and it is hard to go up the mountain to the other churches and my parents are getting old and cannot go up the mountain any more either. My sister and her family are new Christians and eager to learn God’s ways. So, a need has risen to begin a church in our village. We have donated some land to build a church. We have started work in the community to win them to the Lord by meeting a felt need. We have even started an English class! When I started, I thought maybe 10 students might come, but on the day for them to register 40 showed up. This increased to 65 and has now leveled out to 45 or so regularly. They are learning English and Christian English songs. Their parents are very happy for their children to be learning English. We pray that many of these children may see a loving Savior who has died for their sins. Many are interested in joining us, but for different reasons have not made the full commitment.

“And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths”
Isaiah 2:3.

So we have a desire to build a small church in my village with a couple of rooms in the back to teach the community different skills. This includes English and tailoring. We also would like to have a treatment room to help the sick of the village. (Those who would like to help get this church built, please mark your gift: Nepal Project, Mountain Church)

(Some of you may have read of how God saved Joseph in his childhood and youth. One night, he and his brother and friend were sleeping outside and heard a blast go off in his neighbor’s house and they saved him and his family from the fire. Unfortunately, as a result, they were thrown in prison. However, by God’s mercies and the neighbors’ and pastor’s help, they were set free. And another time when the gorillas were fighting in the surrounding villages, God delivered Joseph when his name got on the army’s list of local gorillas. The other two men were shot that very day.


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One day I went to visit my village last year for voting. Many people had seen many changes in me. My friends were married and living very rough lives of drinking, partying, gambling and card playing, etc. My sister told me one day that people were talking about me and really liked my habits and have seen a real change in my lifestyle. One neighbor came to me and said, “Please, take my son and make him like you.” I explained indirectly how the change takes place. So, I told her that I am willing to take him if he wants to go. Then, I explained everything to her son, Gavin. His brother had raised him since he was young, because his father had died of Tuberculosis and his mother had remarried. His brother had tried his best to keep him from getting into bad habits. When Gavin got ready to go, he said he was going to study and his brother sent him off with his blessings.

“For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee.”
Isaiah 54:10.

When I took him to Nepal, Gavin went to the mountain. Another young man, Kyle, from a Christian school also joined him. The two young men became friends. Kyle had accepted Jesus several years before. He had received much persecution from his villagers and family. They beat and kicked him and even forced him to eat cow dung. They behaved very badly towards him. They even burned his Bible. Although in the face of death, he would not leave Jesus. Later, others had encouraged him to take training. He was busy teaching, but when he heard of the opportunity to come to Nepal for training, he left his teaching and came. Unfortunately, we were not able to start classes for them right away, as planned. However, God had another school for them. Ramon and I taught them guitar and Gavin really showed interest in it. Gavin came from a Hindu family and knew nothing about God. I taught him how to open and read the Bible. He took much interest in what was taught from the Bible and kept good notes.

Kyle realized whatever he did, Gavin would also do. So, he felt a big responsibility to be a good witness to him. They both diligently helped around anywhere they could. Through their time in the mountain they became diligent, hard-working, humble men. They both come from the plains. It is a whole different life to live in the mountains and to walk on the steep slopes. They gradually learned how to live in the mountains. They also helped in the broom grass field. It was hard to work with the knife-like leaves of the broom grass and the stinging nettle and the steeps but slowly they caught on. One day Kyle had a jungle knife in one hand and a water bottle in the other. He stepped on some dry, slippery grass and the next moment he was plummeting down the mountain. The bottle went one way and the knife the other and he did a full flip on his way down. Mercifully there were no boulders in this area and he crashed some 12 feet or so below. He was quite shaken, but there were no injuries. After taking some rest and much needed massages for a couple of days, he was up and working again. It was a real testimony to him and Gavin how God is alive and hears their prayers.

Because of Kyle and Gavin’s faithfulness and perseverance, I pressed forward to begin the Bible Seminary on January 31. When we moved to India, we had only one week to get everything ready. We had only empty rooms and our personal bags when we came but they pitched in and helped us get everything ready. They helped us from dawn to dusk and we were able to begin just on time. They are doing well, studying hard and making much progress. Kyle has a great desire to work for God and has already been encouraging his roommates in the way of the Lord. Pray that these young men may be fit vessels for the Lord to use in a mighty way.

God Himself Is With Us

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God is doing a mighty work in the Bahamas! Shanniel Fisher, our LIGHT Director for the Inter-America Division, started his seminars the day after he arrived on the island. His flight arrived safely and he’s been eager to start teaching everywhere and anywhere he can. He spent two weeks presenting several topics to the people there. Some of the topics include: lifestyle diseases, nutrition, cooking schools, massage, hydrotherapy and much more! These topics are not widely discussed in this country. However, LIGHT was come to shed some light on these classes.
God can use any medium to glorify His name.

By His grace, Shanniel has gotten the opportunity to go to a local Christian (non-Adventist) TV station to share the knowledge that God has given him to reach a broader audience than what he originally anticipated. This experience could only come from above.
During the weekends, Shanniel has various churches that he visits to do health presentations in the area.

There are close to 50 people coming consistently each night to attend these presentations. Many of the people that are coming to learn more making healthy lifestyle changes are non-Adventists. We pray that theses individuals will be blessed through the work of health evangelism that is being done in this region.

Shanniel offers consultation sessions to those who would like counsel on nutrition, among other things. The non-Adventists individuals seem very interested on obtaining more knowledge of how they can live healthier lives. Continue to pray for the work that is being in the Bahamas.

The Great Physician Is Now Hear

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On Wednesday afternoon, I was ready to teach the NEWSTART program to my class. To my disbelief, half of the students were missing! Instead of coming to class, that group had gone out on outreach that afternoon.

After a while, Doctor Steve came to ask me what would be the proper procedure for multiple bee stings. I told him that a charcoal bath would suffice. On the way back from their outreach, the students found an old lady in a nearby forest that had been attacked by bees! That was the reason they were absent from my class. John, the hydro room coordinator, was heading towards the hydro room when one seminary student came running to him, asking for an ice cube. John asked, “What’s wrong?” The seminary students said that an older lady was stung by bees all over her body! John took one cup of charcoal water and ice and headed straight towards the location of the woman.

When he reached the site, he saw 3-4 students who were carefully removing the bee stings. The lady drank the charcoal water and was given ice massages for some time. The elderly woman said she felt much pain. John sent for Dr. Steve for assistance. As soon as he reached, we decided to take her to the hydro room. Dr. Steve carried her all the way to our campus. We applied charcoal all over her face, hands and legs while we were preparing the charcoal tub bath. We gave her a neutral bath with charcoal for more than an hour. When we finished everything, we asked her how she was feeling. She said she had some pain on her right elbow as well as one of her fingers on her left hand. We applied poultices on the affected areas. Then, we prayed with her and dropped her home in our ambulance.

“And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague”
Mark 5:34.

The next day, one of our outreach students came and told us that she had visited her. The elderly woman reported that she had no pain at all! We did not use any medicine, except natural remedies. God will always be our Great Physician.

*Note: Some of the names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals in the story.