Herbal Remedies Online Training

The goal of this certificate program is to deliver a broad based foundational knowledge of practical herbal applications for both personal and family purposes.

  • Learn preventive medicine through the proper application of herbs and their various uses

  • Receive step-by-step instruction through demonstration videos and research material from world renown herbalists

  • Continue with the instructor course and start teaching about herbs in your community

  • Learn how to identify and use hundreds of herbal agents from around the world

All classes are recorded in high definition and available to view on smart phones and tablets as well as your home computer or laptop.


If you feel drawn to natural remedies and have a desire to know how to use them effectively as well as desiring to make natural remedies at home this course is for you! Our class is designed to teach you scientifically proven healing properties of herbs, how to create simple herbal extracts, syrups, teas, decoctions, compresses and much more. In addition to learning the how, what and when of herbalism you will also learn the principles that govern their use and make herbalism an effective arsenal in the recovery from disease.


One of the great things about this certificate is the credits earned can be transferred into the next diploma course that will give you more advanced herbal training.

As long as you can read and use a computer there is no prerequisite to take this certificate program so you can enroll and get started when you are ready!


Lee Wellard was a graduate from the Institute of Medical Ministry at Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital and went on to become a teacher of applied physiology and nutrition. Lee also served as Wildwood's Health Emphasis coordinator and travelled extensively across the United States lecturing to many churches on health related topics. He has also done multiple health programs on 3ABN, and other TV networks, as well as radio, and also contributes health publications for the Health & Healing Journal. He has had extensive experience in personal health consultations and has taught hundreds of students in medical missionary work from dozens of countries around the world, Lee also had further training as a Health Practitioner in Natural remedies, and has also completed his studies as a Master Herbalist. He is happily married with two children and has a passion for teaching health in a way that is attractive and engaging to those who listen. Lee has his own health ministry and has developed his own natural remedy products that are in harmony with God's plan of healing.

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*Introductory price for first 50 students.

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*Introductory price for first 50 students.

Herbal Remedies Instructor Course

Coming soon! Prerequisite: Herbal Remedies Introductory Course